This is the informational page on Team Syntax's new game, Sorcerer.

Sorcerer is a Player Versus Player, top-down MOBA game that is based on the WarCraft III mod Warlock.

Sorcerer is the Ultimate PvP Experience - with fast paced skill-shot based action, and epic "King of the Hill" style gameplay utilizing a powerful physics engine to make abilities truly devestating.


A new spell "Phoenix" has been implemented into the game.

The Sorcerer summons an enraged Phoenix that pelts the ground with fireballs in a line.

Because of the slow-ish rate that the fireballs are sent out, Phoenix is a Finisher [R] spell, and should only be used when an enemy has no way to escape.

Phoenix can be used to block an enemy from entering the arena when pushed out.

Phoenix can also be used to put massive damage on a snared enemy player.

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Test V124 has been uploaded!

Simply click the "DOWNLOAD" button to get the test version and log on!

Test V124 is a minor test patch from 123, with very few changes.

Test V124 is not a "Major" test.

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A new spell "Parasite" has been implemented into the game.

Parasite is designed to bounce between players in order to rack up massive damage.

Collision with enemy players, casting player, or allied players will result in a "Parasite Reflect".

Which means that the Parasite will search for a new target, without passing through the target it hit.

Each time Parasite hits an object its lifetime is reset.

Parasite is not killed upon collision with anything.

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