This is the informational page on Team Syntax's new game, Haste.

Haste is a fast-paced, top-down MOBA game that blends aspects of Archery Tactics, Elimination Tournament, and Warlock. (All mods for WarCraft III)

Haste is a game where you can play how you want to play. There are no built in classes or playstyles! Everything is customized using the crafting shop. Utilizing the different components of the game you can create tons of powerful spells and items.

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Crafting Image

Haste uses a spell and item crafting system. This system allows for complete customization, but also makes decisions even more life-threatening. There are a finite amount of materials, use your materials the best!

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The combat in Haste is extremely fast paced and requires excellent precision. Test your mettle against the enemy AI or compete against other players to dominate the competitive charts.

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